A Peaceful Place to Stay  

The Mews is a tranquil bed and breakfast nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Purcellville, Virginia. Surrounded by green forests, it is a wonderful and quiet place to stay for birdwatching, visiting the local wineries, biking, hiking, or shopping in the nearby town. The privacy also offers a great place for couples or wedding parties. The house itself has a lovely wrap around deck, a small library, and plenty of spaces available for those that just want to kick back and relax. Above all, The Mews is a peaceful and private place to get away from it all.  Feel free to navigate our site to find out more about us!


How the Mews got its Name

The Mews got its name from its history. The previous owner of the house was an avid falconer, who kept several hawks and falcons on the property. "Mews" is an antiquated term for "a place to keep a raptor". The idea of a mews implies a calm, quiet place, and is perfectly suited to this home in the woods. These days, the hawks have gone, but the Mews remains a nice place to roost. Occasionally though, you may hear or see local raptor species around the house and on the mountains. We have see ravens, bald eagles, red-tail hawks, red-shouldered haws, and lots of owls at night! Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you enjoy bird watching, especially in the fall months. 

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